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Every year when our band plays at the local beer tent in our home village, the tent is overcrowded. The brass band of Niederaudorf (registered association) is famous for its genuine mood music. The audience of the regional music festival voted our musicians as the most popular beer tent band.

It is amazing that a tiny village such as Niederaudorf has a band of nearly fifty musicians. At all times the band is an inherent part of our community. Young and the young at heart play in good comradeship – often fathers play next to their sons. Currently we have nearly ten young girls and boys training in order to join our band. With the aid of our own music development association we have been able to buy new instruments and finance the education of our upcoming musicians.


In November 1934 twelve residents of Niederaudorf met at the guesthouse Waller in Reisach and established the brass band. From the start the band made it their business to play at church and secular celebrations. Nowadays the band accompanies the processions at Palm Sunday, Corpus Christi also the Scapular and the Guardian Angel Ceremony and the traditional Ride for St. Leonhard.

From classic to modern – at our annual concert (called Josefikonzert) the musicians provide a sample of their skills. Friends of traditional music may enjoy the yearly festival in the picturesque inner courtyard of the old monastery Reisach – a highlight in the local calendar of events. The active music year also means many performances at our weekly concerts for visitors and locals, at traditional costume festivals und anniversaries. The band relaxes during their autumn excursion with sport or culture.

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